Where We Began

by Barry Peters

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The very best of the early years
Barry Peters & friends


released February 18, 2018

You are listening to: Barry Peters - vocals, guitars, harmonica
Don Stewart - guitars, bazouki, vocals, digital programming
Peter Slater - drums, electric guitar, piano, bass
“Kangaroo Flies Over The Sky” - special guest Shane Howard
Piano - Richard Tankard
Harmonica - Andrew Flook
Flute - Airlie Tait
Bodhran - Matthew Wearne
Trumpet - Paul Dooley
“Dantzing Round The Bus Stop” - special guests: Slap 'N the Cats
Children’s vocals: Airlie, Aidan & Isobel Stewart, Madeleine
Lachlan and Didirri Peters,
plus Students from Merrivale Primary School
Backing Vocals - Lyn Eales, Peter Slater & Rachel Peters
All songs written by Barry Peters
except where co-authors are listed.

Artwork by Madeleine Peters
Graphic Design by Sinead Murphy

Produced & Engineered
by Don Stewart

Manufactured by Dex Audio
© Barry Peters 2017


all rights reserved



Barry Peters VIC, Australia

Dubbed the Paul Kelly of the underage music scene, Barry is based in Warrnambool on Australia's beautiful southern coast.

Amassing near gold record sales as a totally independent artist, his appeal is very simple: Barry writes great songs. Rich with environmental themes, his music is profound and energetic.

Warm, wise and funny, Barry Peters is an artist worth introducing to every child.
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Track Name: Puffing Billy
Puffing Billy
with Madeleine Peters

He's a train, he's a train, he's a very good train
Climbs up the mountain, does it in the rain
Blows lots of smoke, it gets in your eyes
We're having so much fun that nobody cries

Off we go and around the bend
What if the track is hilly
Hear my whistle, TOOT! TOOT!

You can sit in the window and dangle out your feet
Watch his little wheels rolling out their beat
There's lots of pretty stations, trees along the way
He's puffing everyday, why don't you come along and play

His carriages are red, his engines black and green
There's little holes to sweep the dirt to keep the carriage clean
At the crossing we all wave to people by the track
At the top you turn around and then he brings you back
Track Name: Eenie Meany Minie Mo
Enie Meany Miney Mo
Enie meany miney mo
Catch a tigger by the toe
If he howls, let him go
Enie meany miney mo
Ip dip, you're ~ it

I'm up first, where did they hide
Not over there, can't go inside
Not in the cubby, not by the swing
No one near dad's sculpture thing
I'm creeping up, can see a head
Ah - Rosie's in the garden shed
I make a dash -
she's caught by the door
I got you ... you're ~ it

Rosie's running round the corner
Whoops, I forgot to warn her
Mum turned on the sprinkler jet
Ooh, I think she's total wet
So much water, she needs to swim
Doesn't care, she's spotted Jim
Tags so hard - he's really sore …

Jim's counts and gives his arm a rub
It might hurt, but he won't blub
He's through the fence and in the lane
Crouching by the bins is Shane
Shane's trapped, he screams,
"The bins are bali"
Jim turns around and chases Carly
That's not hard, she's only four …

Carly's keen, but she ain't big
So brother Jim helps her with her gig
He takes her by the hand to run
But she's all giggles, it's too much fun
I'm sitting in the mulberry tree
Jim lifts her up, she can reach my knee
Frantically I try to climb, she got me ...
Track Name: Fairies Like Flowers
Fairies Like Flowers
with Madeleine & Rachel Peters

Fairies like flowers and dancing
all around them
I saw one just the other day
I wanted to keep it but my mum said nay
You've got to be quiet
Or they won't come out to play
Track Name: I'm A Dog
I’m A Dog
with Madeleine Peters

I'm a dog, woof, woof
I'm a little, little
little, little dog

I'm a cat, meow
I'm a fluffy, fluffy
fluffy, fluffy cat

I'm a pig, eeek, eeek
I'm a guinea, guinea
guinea, guinea pig

I'm a frog, whruup
I'm a hip, hop
jimpy, jompy frog

I'm a giraffe
I'm a multi storeyed
long neck giraffe
Track Name: We're Gonna Buy Some Ducks
We're Gunna Buy Some Ducks

We're gunna buy some ducks
Keep them in our back yard
They'll eat all the slugs and snails
No more silver trails
They'll eat all the bugs and flies
Hey - just watch my vegies rise

Fly like a duck \ Cry like a duck
Walk like a duck \ Talk like a duck
Swim like a duck \ Shake a limb like a duck
Laugh like a duck \ Take a bath like a duck
Smile like a duck \ Make a pile like a duck
Kiss like a duck \ Reminisce like a duck
Stomp like a duck \ Romp like a duck

We're gunna buy some ducks
Build a little house for them to own
They'll lay eggs almost all the time
Play the bad guys in our pantomimes
They'll make nests and flap their wings
Hatch little baby fluffy ducklings

We're gunna buy some ducks
Drop 'em in our Grandma's swimming pool
They'll swim round and round and round
Make lots of little cute quacking sounds
They'll cuddle on your lap and say
Hey - you're the best friend I've had today
Track Name: Kangaroo Flies Over The Sky
Kangaroo Flies Over The Sky
with Lachlan Peters

Did you see the jumbo jet
With the bright red tail
Kangaroo flies over the sky
Flies over the sky

Did you see the baggages
Slid up the moving ramp
Kangaroo flies over the sky
Flies over the sky

Did you see him on the runway?
With his big circle nose
Kangaroo flies over the sky
Flies over the sky

Did you see him go to other lands?
To say hello to everyone
Kangaroo flies over the sky
Flies over the sky
Track Name: Dantzing Round The Bus Stop
Dantzing Round The Bus Stop

Dancing round the bus stop pole
Round and round and round we go

Waiting for the South West Bus
Will it come, will it come for us
Playing with a friend of mine

Underneath that red and white sign
Here comes the bus it's white and blue
Rolling down the hill for our rendezvous
Wave your hand so it stops for me & you

A hiss of brake and the door swings wide
Up the step, come on, climb inside
Get your money and pay for the ride

The diesel roars, oh we're in for a treat
My dad and I are safe in the back seat
And off we go down MacDonald Street
Track Name: The Galaxy Song
Galaxy Song
with Heidi Cutting, Lynda Kenneally
Andrea Knowles, Kerry Hughson

There are nine little planets in our galaxy
Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury
They go 'round the sun to get tanned
And bop in the solar system sand

They're just little planets
But they want to be stars
So they cruise 'round the galaxy
In big red cars

Saturn is the biggest planet of them all
From a telescope it looks like a big red ball
Jupiter is hot, Saturn is not
Tie those rings in a super tight knot
Track Name: Walking Round The Dantz Floor
Walking Round The Dantz Floor

We're marching round the dantz floor
Lift your knees up to your nose
Stomp your feet down with your toes
Here we go

We're jumping round the dantz floor
Can you bounce up in the air
Now try to leap from here to there
Oh - don't lose your underwear

We're walking round the dantz floor
Can you do it really slow
Can you creep down really low
Now try your tippy toes

We're moving round the dantz floor
Let's face the other way
Going backwards makes me sway
If we're careful - it will be okay
Track Name: Play With The Beat
Play With The Beat
with Don Stewart

Play with the beat
Stamp ^ Stamp ^
Do it with your feet

That's a good place to start
Pummp ^ Pummp Pummp
Make a sound like a heart

We are twenty little bands
Clap Clap ^ Clap
As we clap our lovely hands

Let's make it really tricky
One, Two Three, Four, Five
A super dooper quickie
Track Name: I'm Going To A Haunted House
I'm Going To A Haunted House
with Madeleine Peters

I'm going to a haunted house
What will I see there?

I might see a mummy
I might see a ghost
A thousand hoolly goolly monsters
But I don't want to boast

I'll snig a deadly spider
And flat myself a bat
Rescue thirty prisoners
What do you think of that?

I'll pag myself a dragon
Have dinner with a witch
Tie up a mog of pirates
And make myself real rich

I'll flab myself some skeletons
And splinter all their bones
I won't be shaking in my boots
When they shriek and moan
Track Name: We Made A Big Pinata
We Made A Big Pinata
with Don Stewart

We made a big pinata
Made him out of mash
Hung him high in the breeze
And gave him a bash

Cover your eyes, swing the bat
Hit him where he's nice and fat
Spill the lollies on the mat
Try to make him split and splat
Dint his head and break his hat

It really will not hurt him
He cannot feel a thing
He's just a bag of lollies
Dangling on a string
Lollies hit the ground
They bounce and quickly hide
We run in silly circles
Like a fly on pesticide
Track Name: Make Me A Steam Train
Make Me A Steam Train

Make me a steam train
Make it out of steel
Make me an engineer
To ride on iron wheels

Make me a steam train
All kids have a dream
Fill it up with fire
To make that whistle scream

Can you feel a mighty rumble
There's a quiver in the track
Can you hear those pistons crashing
The West Coaster's coming back

They made me a steam train
They made it out of steel
Made me an engineer
To ride on iron wheels

They made me a steam train
They made me my dream
Filled it up with fire
I love to hear that whistle scream

I feel a mighty rumble
There's a quiver in the track
Dance a little dance of joy
The West Coaster's coming back
Track Name: Can You Find A Frog
Can You Find A Frog

The Whistling Tree frog sings very fast
It's a brown and motley green
And it's calling -
From a place where it can't be seen

Can you find a frog
Under bark or near your tap
That can make its tongue unwrap

The Barking Marsh frog is rather small
You can hear its -
It has no hair and it has no tail
It just sounds like my neighbours pup

Can you find a frog
It is getting very hard
By the fish pond in your yard

The Growling Grass frog gurgles loud
You could find one with your ears
Take yourself to Tower Hill -
This is what one hears

Can you find a frog
It's not an easy thing to do
In the bushland close to you

The Banjo frog makes a wise old song
You can hear him -
Burrows underneath the ground
And we call him "pobblebonk"

Can you find a frog
And their eggs all wrapped in foam
In their ancient indigenous homes
Can you find a frog
And if you find one - let it be
Please - if you find one - let it be
Track Name: If You Come Round To My Place
If You Come 'Round To My Place
with Don Stewart

If you come 'round to my place
I'll show you 'round my garden
Why don't you come round to my place
We'll have a real good quizz

One stout nosed, long tongued lizard
Snooping 'round my tadpole pond

Two brightly armoured beetles
Squeaking on a rotten log

Three black and yellow spiders
Poised upon their sticky webs

Four hairless, big eyed baby birds
Waiting for their mum's to call

Five lumpy, bumpy, chumpy grubs
Munching through my flower beds

Six float and flitting butterflies
Dancing in the days delight
Track Name: On A Bike You Can
On A Bike You Can
with Don Stewart

If you ride a red bike
You won't make smog like a car
Grab your handlebar
Wave at that radar
On a bike you can
But you can't go looking for the stars
When your driving in a car

If you ride a blue bike
You won't smell as badly as a bus
A bike is inconspicuous
Isn't that a plus
On a bike you can
But you can't suck the air near us
While we're standing by the bus

If you ride a black bike
Your brakes don't hiss like a truck
You can run a-muck
Quietly thunderstruck
On a bike you can
But you can't with your retreads
When you're screaming like a truck

If you ride a chrome bike
You can go faster than a boat
There's no need to gloat
Just re-tint your undercoat
On a bike you can
But you can't expect to vote
If you can hardly stay afloat
Track Name: Warrnambool Whale Wash
The Warrnambool Whale Wash
with Don Stewart

They're big, they're made of blubber
Like gigantic Hubba Bubba
Have you seen them blow their spouts
As they're gliding about
Not a fish, not a boat
Not a wish, not a goat
It's a whale…this is the whale wash song

I'm a whale…I like to wail… I'm a whale
I like to laugh and crash my taaail…
I'm a whale… I like to wail… I'm a whale
And this is the Whale Wash Song

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