All My Friends

by Barry Peters

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released January 6, 2011

Thanks - Don, Andrew, Madii, Lachlan, Rachel, Didi, Katherine, Angus, Gemma, Brad, Aidan, Eric, Adam, Mark, Harry, Lyn, Paul, the Fullers, the Hunts, the Mitchells, the Hams, the Halls, the Lovetts, the Gaulkies, the Farrows, the Coxs, Dave & Naomi, Martina and Dave, the Holts, Don McTaggart, Dale & Rachel, the Wrights, the Hamiltons, Faye White, the Driscolls, Marlene and Andrew, the Macraes, Rob & Sharon, Max, Gwen and Sharon, Buninyong & Woodforde Primary Schools, and all the wonderful preschool teachers out there that take such good care of so many of my friends. Produced & Engineered by Don Stewart ~ Unmuzzled Music
& Tony Peel, Motherlode Studios ~ Warrnambool.
Adam Demsey ~ Deluxe Mastering Cover Art & Graphic Design – Madii Peters All songs written & composed by Barry Peters except where co writers listed All Licencing - Canya Dantz © All songs - Barry Peters 2011 Barry Peters – appearing all tracks Don Stewart - lead vocal – “They Call Me Maremma”
Brad Mitchell – lead vocal - “That Little Light”
Don Stewart - guitars, vocals, bazouki, keyboard, midi (tracks 1, 5-14) Mark Halliwell – Guitars – rhythm, lead and effects (tracks 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11)
Angus MacPherson – piano (tracks 2, 3, 9) Andrew Hallett – bass (tracks 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11)
Harry Fahey - drums, percussion (tracks 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11)
Chris Hodges – drums (track 13) Ewin Baker – Violin (track 6) Gemma Belfrage - backing vocals (track 1, 3, 4, 8-12, 14) Lyn Eales, - backing vocals (track 6, 13) Paul Venzo - backing vocals (track 9) Woodforde Children Grade 2&3 2010 (track 1, 4, 8, 10, 11) Kasey Maraldo, Jai Barker, Chelsea Watson, Harry Boyd, Madison Packham, Jonty Roberts, Inika Tobin-Salzman, Ashlee Kenna, Jake Packham, Liam Sanderson, Halle Watt, Danielle Warren, Emily Manuell, Tanika Hurford, Zoe Campbell, Tori Parsons, Kyran Gorman

Produced and Engineered by Don Stewart
© Barry Peters 2011


all rights reserved



Barry Peters VIC, Australia

Dubbed the Paul Kelly of the underage music scene, Barry is based in Warrnambool on Australia's beautiful southern coast.

Amassing near gold record sales as a totally independent artist, his appeal is very simple: Barry writes great songs. Rich with environmental themes, his music is profound and energetic.

Warm, wise and funny, Barry Peters is an artist worth introducing to every child.
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Track Name: If You Whisper
If You Whisper

If you whisper what it is
Then no one else will know
And no one else will ever guess
That’s how our secret grows

You can whisper down a telephone
You can whisper in a moo cow ear
But unless you whisper really close
Your words will disappear

When your lips touch my ear
Your secret’s feels like a thriller
Crawling round my little ear
Like a hairy caterpillar

Like an empty beach, like a jelly bean
Like a seahorse I love but I’ve never seen
Like a band aid on a brand new tear
For this you need to stop to hear
Track Name: Number Plate Jack
Number Plate Jack

Number plate Jack has my kind of hair
He’s always awake, no breakdown bear
I made him a car with a cardboard box
And push round the house in yesterdays socks

He might have c’s, but he doesn’t have 3’s
And he definitely doesn’t have p’s on his plate
He’s J.A.C.K
Name his numbers
He’s 5, really, 5, 5 and the last ones 8
He’s five hundred and fifty eight.

Number plate Jack is my kind of teddy
He’s always awake, Jack’s always ready
My Dad says he’s not alive before eight!”
So I drive with Jack and I learn to wait

Number Plate Jack is my kind of cuddle
Except the day we drove through the puddle
The sticky on his wheels didn’t like the muck
Oh soggy old Jack and his car got stuck
Track Name: The Berry Picking Pose
The Berry Picking Pose

Berry pink and berry pose
Lift your knees, and point your toes
Berry yellow, berry red
Making sure our young are fed
A berry beat for berry pecks
We love ‘em sliding down our necks
Keep that rhythm in your throat
Ok ‘emus – Shake your petticoats

Berry posh and berry proud
Like a bullfrog, sing out loud
Berry black and berry bruise
Inquisitive, then carefully choose
Berry ripe and berry soft
Head held high for the perfect scoff
We boys and girls both wear the pants
Ok ‘emus – we can’t fly, but we can dance

Berry pink and berry blue
Don't you love our purple poo
Berry orange, berry green
Perhaps you think we are obscene
Berry bite and berry yum
Ah who knows what they will become
Aim your bum, squeeze your knees
Ok emus – peck a berry yeah and poo out trees
Track Name: Sticky Foot Crocodile
I’m A Sticky Foot Crocodile

I’m a sticky foot crocodile and I’m green
I’m a sticky foot crocodile and I’m green
I can roll and I can rumble
But you know that I won’t tumble
I’m a sticky foot crocodile and I’m green

I can climb up your window, I can climb up your wall
I can climb up your window, I can climb up your wall
I’ve my super suction, fine motor function
I can climb over any construction
I’m a sticky foot crocodile and I’m green

I’m a sticky foot crocodile and I’m green
I’m a sticky foot crocodile and I’m green
Not see you later alligator
In a while crocodile
I’m sticking round just to see you smile
I’m a rubber, blubber, sweet reptile and I’m green
Track Name: Tickle Tum
Tickle Tum

If your dad is looking glum
Push your face into his tum
Fill your cheeks and hold his hips
Push a raspberry through your lips

Tickle quickle, rolly rough
Crumble, tumble, belly fluff
Push and prod and pinch and poke
Laugh until your tummies broke

Mum don’t need to have no nap
Type on her the alphabet
Hold her down and pin her flat
Giggle as you write and tap
Track Name: My Friend The Pelican
My Friend The Pelican!

She’s not white metal, fills faster than a fridge
Has wings that curve like a cable bridge
A honk like a bus in a side street jam
She looks you in the eye and she says: “I am
What I am, what I am
Why fret if you can’t understand.”
My friend, my friend, the pelican.

I tell you this bird she ain’t no sparrow
Can feed on more fish than you can fit in a barrow
A body and a blummph of a great jumbo jet
Gliding where gravity forgets
To claim, to claim, what should remain on land
My friend, my friend, my friend, the pelican.

What the … what if … she don’t make sense
Out over Hobson’s Bay, she’s so immense
What the … what if … maybe … huh
If you’re perfect, then you’re perfect, that’s near enough.

This bird wasn’t born to sit on no wire
As she lifts herself up can’t you see she inspires
No laps at the pool, no weight loss program
She looks you in the eye and she says: “I am
What I am, what I am, hold your breath as I come to land.”
My friend, my friend, my friend, the pelican.
Track Name: That Little Light
That Little Light

Right down deep where the ocean is dark
Every now and then you'll see my little spark
There isn’t any street light at the bottom of the sea
You couldn't light a match, so what could it be?

Come a little closer my sweet fishy friends
No you won’t like the way, the way this story ends
Come be enchanted by my little light
Cause you know I’m gunna eat you in one big bite

Right down deep where is ocean is thick
I’m an angler fish with my light on a stick
Here comes another fish attracted to my glow
Swim a little closer hey but swim nice and slow
Track Name: By The Seat Of His Pants
By The Seat Of His Pants

He’s a flying doctor, up he goes
Propeller turning fast on his little plane’s nose
With his band aid box and his stethoscope
Helping out the kids who need a little hope

Into the clouds, over the air
By the seat of his pants on a wing and a prayer
Stretch your wings, it’s take off time
Steady on the runway up, up, climb
Heady, heady, heady, heady, heady, heady, hi
Aren’t you really glad that he can fly

In his pretty plane he does loads of miles
Sometimes tablets, always giving smiles
He’ll check your bits and your respiratory
He’ll tell you jokes, and he’ll hear your story
Track Name: A Living Tree
A Living Tree

Grandma said it’s a living tree
A living tree is what it should be
And she just smiled as she took it from the pot, she said
Here’s a place that I like a lot
And then she dug a little hole and pressed it in ground
She said: This tree will grow and always be around

Grandma said . . . should be
And she just smiled as she took it from the pot
If this tree’s not alive then the earth gets hot
And then she sang about a baby in a distant land
As the tree gripped the ground we tried to understand

Grandma said . . . should be
And she just smiled as the tree grew high
The baby grew up and so did I
And the baby in the story was tied to some wood
I know Grandma would have helped him if she could

Grandma said . . . should be
Grandmas gone, but the tree still stands
We remember her smile we remember her hands
And every Christmas we gather in the shade
To decorate the tree with all the things that we’ve made
Track Name: Roll It Up And Roll It Away
Roll Em Up & Roll It Away

Roll it up, roll it away x3
Don't you know we're going to eat it
At the end of the day

We're the world's best recyclers, eating up poo
Imagine the planet, you know that it's true
Everybody in gum boots, sloping in the muck
If it wasn't for our appetite you'd all get stuck.

You are what you eat and we eat poop
Microrganism, beetles – a natural troupe
It's brown and it’s luke warm, we're the first to admit
But it don't deserve it's name, cause it's lickety split.
Track Name: Old Bended Knee
Old Bended Knee

Booming in a deep voice
“I've had enough,
No more Mr Nice Guy”
Time to talk tough

Trees shake and stumble
Grounds swells and breaks
Wrap him up a present
Before it gets too late

Buninyong gets mad
Old bended knee
Gravel in his guts
He wants apology
Hot bomb potatoes
Falling down like hail
Make a mountain angry
His lava licks your tail

Run with your head turned
Don’t take a breathe
All the air and all the earth
Is erupting into death
Track Name: Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter

Peanut butter, peanut butter
Spread it round, spread it round
Little nuts from underground
Peanut butter, peanut butter
Spread it round, spread it round
Sticky brown
But if you try too much too most
When you try to eat your toast
It sticks to the top of your mouth
Track Name: They Call Me Maremma
They Call Me Maremma

Out on me island, I got heaps of chicks
Yeah - them foxes might be fast, they got tons of tricks
Them foxes might be flashy but they make a real mess
So I hover around me birds and I do me best

They call it Penguin Island, but I am the chief
They’ll be nothing with four legs, not another hairy thief
They’ll be nothing with four legs ‘cause I sniff the land and wind
And I care me little friends with their flappy little fins

Me, yeah me, they call me Maremma
I’m not a dumb blonde and I don’t do glamour
If you live on me island, see I’m your mate
I’m a stay at home dog, can’t go for a date
I’m a stay at home dog but I’d like to make it clear
You can pop up little penguin ‘cause it’s safe out here

A penguin may be cute, as smart as she is short
It’s an honour to protect her so she doesn’t get hurt
It’s an honour to protect her she’s so faithful and so true
It’s a normal natural thing that a dog would want to do.
Track Name: O Has A Brother
O Has A Brother

My friend O, the nursery man
Growing trees, he has a plan
To fill the earth with leaf and twig
His trees start small, but his heart is big
He don’t say much, but he’s not dumb
O’s a man with a great green thumb

His seedlings sprout, then into pots
When they’re a little bit bigger, then into spots
Where soon they spread their mighty arms
Growing into forests on the hills and the farms

O has a brother and his name is Cam
He’s a fruit tree fella and he loves his jam
He’ll sell you a bush or pick a pile of berry
These brothers are blossoms on a rare black cherry

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